We are excited to welcome you to our global community of artists, customers, and fans!

Established in 2023, The Legacy Studio (TLS) propels the careers of exceptional talent in the comic industry while delivering a first-class customer experience.

As a pioneering artist management company, we bring a tech-forward approach to drive unique opportunities, deliver an exceptional customer experience, and support the ability to scale quickly.

We are dedicated to understanding, engaging, and serving our customers to foster loyalty, satisfaction, and long-term relationships. Our commitment is to provide a comprehensive experience to every customer.

Have questions? Our Support team is happy to help. You can reach out to us at support@thelegacystudio.com.

Frequently Asked Questions by Topic:



I would like to check the status of my order:
Orders may take up to six weeks to ship. Check your order summary in your TLS account to find your estimated ship date and your order status. If you still have questions, contact us at via email at support@thelegacystudio.com.

I would like to make a change to my order:
Changes to an existing order must be submitted within 24 hours of initial placement. If you need to make a change you can contact us at support@thelegacystudio.com. We will make every effort to assist you, but we cannot guarantee a cancellation.

I would like to change my shipping address:
You can change your shipping address at any time before your order has shipped. If you need to make a change you can contact us at support@thelegacystudio.com.

I would like to cancel my order:
Orders may be cancelled at any time until they are shipped. Once shipped, orders cannot be returned or exchanged. If you need to cancel your order you can contact us at support@thelegacystudio.com.

I would like to add another item to my order:
If your order hasn't shipped already we can certainly add another item to the order. Contact us at support@thelegacystudio.com to add something to your order.

I never received an order confirmation email:
Please check your spam folder, or any alternative email account you may have used to make your purchase, to locate your order confirmation email. If you still have trouble finding it you can reach out to us at support@thelegacystudio.com.

I think my order is lost:
Check your order summary by logging into your TLS account to find the most up-to-date tracking information. Please note that international shipments may be subject to customs clearance in the receiving country, which may push delivery times beyond our original estimates. If you have questions about an order that has already shipped but that you have not yet received you can reach out to us at support@thelegacystudio.com.

I received an item that I did not order:
If you received an item different from what you ordered, take a picture of it and send it to us at support@thelegacystudio.com, along with your order details. The Legacy Studio must be notified of your request within 1-3 days of delivery to be eligible for a refund or replacement. Please check your order upon delivery to ensure we sent you everything.

My order arrived damaged:
If your order arrived damaged, take a picture of it and send it to us at support@thelegacystudio.com, along with your order details. The Legacy Studio must be notified of your request within three (3) days of delivery to be eligible for a refund or replacement. Assessment of damage, and the following decision regarding refund eligibility, is made at the sole discretion of The Legacy Studio.

My order is missing a Certificate of Authenticity:
Your Certificate of Authenticity may be tucked inside your print, on the back of its frame, or between two pieces of packaging. If your item is an original work of art or a unique multiple, you may have received a Letter of Provenance instead.


How are your fine art items packed and shipped?
All items are carefully packed, protected, and shipped by our professional in-house shipping team. Domestic orders are shipped via USPS and FedEx. International orders are shipped via FedEx International, FedEx FIMS, and USPS.

My shipping address has changed since I submitted my order. Is it possible to redirect my package?
Collectors must submit changes to their shipping addresses before their items are shipped. The Legacy Studio is not able to reroute packages once they have been picked up by the mail carrier. If you would like to make a change to an existing order that is still pending shipment, contact us at support@thelegacystudio.com.

How does The Legacy Studio handle and ship orders containing multiple items?
Orders containing multiple items are typically packaged together depending on variations in dimensions and material. Due to extraordinarily high order volumes, we are not always able to accommodate special shipping requests.

Do you ship outside The United States?
The Legacy Studio ships to most countries around the globe, except for Brazil, Russia, and the Channel Islands of the United Kingdom.

I live outside of The United States. Can you declare less value on international orders?
The Legacy Studio declares accurate valuations on all orders in compliance with state, federal, and international law.

How does The Legacy Studio calculate shipping & handling?
Shipping costs are calculated based upon the physical size, weight, value, and destination of each shipment against the most competitive rates from USPS and FedEx. A handling fee is applied to each additional item contained within an order.

Why didn't my print come with a number in the edition?
Before artwork goes to print, the printer and the artist work together to decide how many prints in the edition will be numbered, and how many will be reserved for the artist and the printer. Artist proofs (APs), printer proofs (PPs), and galley proofs (GPs) are a part of this first edition, signed by the artist, and are equally valuable as the numbered prints (sometimes more!). There are no multiple RUNs or editions. Your PP, AP, or GP is a part of this limited, first edition. Refer to your Certificate of Authenticity for more information.

What is your return policy? Do you offer refunds of exchanges?
Due to the limited nature of fine art, all sales are final upon shipment. Orders may be cancelled for a full refund until they are shipped. The Legacy Studio does not accept returns or exchanges.



I was looking at something on The Legacy Studio before, and now the price for that item has risen. What happened?
Availability, demand, and the duration of the RUN are all factors that can affect an item's value over time. The price that you see today may increase in time, so don’t wait!

I bought a set and I didn't get a COA that indicates that I bought a set?
Product sets generally do not come with their own COA. Sets are built from individual products with their own run numbers. Each item in the set will be provided their own individual COA, but will not have a COA that indicates it's a set.

What are your accepted methods of payment?
We accept payment from all major credit cards, PayPal, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo. We do not accept cash, checks, money orders, or wire transfers.

Do you offer any discounts of coupons?
We offer coupons to The Legacy Studio account holders occasionally. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop. Follow us on Instagram for special sweepstakes and giveaways, and stay tuned to www.TheLegacyStudio.com for more limited releases and holiday sales.

Do you accept private offers or bids?
All prices listed on our website are firm, but they are subject to increase over time. We do not accept counter offers or bids.

Do you have a gallery of showroom where I can see artwork in person?
The Legacy Studio attends 12-14 Comic Conventions and Events a year. Most artwork is available in-person at these shows. For a list of upcoming events, please visit our events page.



I am a creator who would like to work with The Legacy Studio. How can I submit my work?
We are always accepting artist submissions! Send us links to your website and Instagram, along with examples of your work and a detailed pitch about the project you have in mind to support@thelegacystudio.com.
Due to the high volume of inquiries, we cannot respond to every request, but we do review every submission!

I am a collector and I have artwork I would like authenticated or appraised. Can you help me?
Industry professionals at The Legacy Studio work closely with the original artists to authenticate all artwork sold on www.TheLegacyStudio.com. Every item on The Legacy Studio is signed by the artist and accompanied by an official letter of provenance or certificate of authenticity. The Legacy Studio cannot authenticate or appraise items acquired by another source.