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Rich Davis

Prometheus In Chains #1: Creator Exclusive Variant Trade

Prometheus In Chains #1: Creator Exclusive Variant Trade

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Dive into the third nightmare from acclaimed horror writer Rich Davis (Cult of Dracula) with this exclusive variant of Prometheus In Chains #1. Professors Victor and Elizabeth Frankenstein, having fled Nazi Germany, join the Manhattan Project. Tragedy strikes when Elizabeth succumbs to cancer caused by radiation exposure, sending Victor into a profound depression. Overcome by guilt, grief, and regret, Victor creates a new kind of monster, intertwining history and horror in an unforgettable tale.

Key Features:

  • Floppy Comic Book: Classic, collectible format.
  • Variant Trade Cover: Unique, exclusive cover featuring logos and text.
  • Cover Art: Stunning artwork by Les Lindon Garner.
  • Story Inside: The captivating narrative of Prometheus in Chains #1 written by Rich Davis.
  • Interior Art: Beautifully illustrated by Jordan Direnzo.

This limited edition variant cover is available exclusively from writer/creator Rich Davis, with only 100 copies in existence. Each book comes signed by Rich Davis himself, making it a true collector’s item. For those seeking the highest level of certification, CGC Grading is available in the add-ons below.

Don’t miss out on this unique and haunting piece of horror history.

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