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Rich Davis

Rise of Dracula #3 CVR B by EnTactus

Rise of Dracula #3 CVR B by EnTactus

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Farms are fun and friendly places, right? That depends almost entirely upon your personal perspective. If you're the farmer, they're great! If you're the animals...

Chapter three in Rich Davis' award-winning Dracula nightmare continues with "Rise of Dracula." This issue delves into the eerie and unsettling transformation of familiar settings into nightmarish landscapes, blending classic vampire lore with modern-day chaos. Davis' masterful storytelling and unique approach to horror continue to captivate readers, expanding on the dark and twisted world established in "Cult of Dracula."

About Rise of Dracula #3:

In "Rise of Dracula #3," the story takes an unsettling turn as the narrative shifts to the ominous happenings on a seemingly idyllic farm. The Ordo Dracul's sinister plans unfold in the rural heartland, where the line between predator and prey becomes disturbingly blurred. Special Agent Malcolm Bram and Mina Murray must navigate this new layer of horror as they uncover more about the cult's far-reaching influence and the dark forces at play.

Key Features:

  • Floppy Comic Book: Classic, collectible format.
  • Cover Art: Stunning artwork by EnTactus.
  • Story Inside: The captivating narrative of "Rise of Dracula" written by Rich Davis.
  • Interior Art: Beautifully inked by Puis Calzada, colored by Alex Zief, and lettered by Dave Lentz.
  • Limited Edition: Only 100 copies available worldwide, making it a true collector’s item.

For those seeking the highest level of certification, CGC Grading is available in the add-ons below.

Don’t miss out on this unique and haunting piece of horror history.

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