Chicago, IL

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**Special Signing Event**

Join us for our C2E2 Signing Event on Saturday, April 27th at 2pm CST in the CBCS Booth #1851. Meet your favorite artists, Caleb Ady, Ash Gonzales, and Rob Retiano, creators of our exclusive variant covers. Plus, get your comics signed by the mastermind writer, Garrett Gunn. Caleb Ady created the Trample cover, Ash Gonzales created the ECPD cover, and Rob Retiano created the Good Boy cover. Don't miss the opportunity to get your comics graded with our first-ever TLS Custom Label.

More About C2E2:

Come one, come all. Step right up to the greatest weekend of the year, a weekend all about you. Comics, cosplay, gaming, wrestling, and anime abound in the only pop culture convention in the heart of Downtown Chicago! We've gathered your favorite celebrities, unique exhibitors, incredible comic artists, and larger-than-life literary authors into one place to celebrate the fandoms you love. From the halls of Artist Alley to the depths of the Show Floor, our goal is to provide a space of creativity and fun, but most importantly, one that cultivates a sense of belonging, safety, and inclusiveness. If you've always dreamed of attending the biggest geek party in the Midwest, then this is your weekend to geek out with other nerdy Chicagoans. Whether you join us virtually or in person, epic memories and awesome friendships await you at C2E2, the show created for you.