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Rich Davis

Rise of Dracula #1 CVR A: Special Edition

Rise of Dracula #1 CVR A: Special Edition

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Nations shall fall. Every human shall be held to account. Witness the rise of Dracula! By her blood will the world be born anew!

Chapter two in Rich Davis' award-winning Dracula nightmare continues with "Rise of Dracula." Immerse yourself in the chilling continuation of horror with "Rise of Dracula," from the mind of acclaimed horror writer Rich Davis. This series delves deeper into the terrifying world established in "Cult of Dracula," blending classic horror elements with modern-day twists. Rich Davis's masterful storytelling brings new life to the vampire mythos, introducing readers to a dark, enthralling narrative that expands on the Dracula legend.

The World is sick. Plagued by the human virus. Dracula is the only cure. It's time we took our medicine. Nations shall fall. Every human shall be held to account. By her blood will the world be born anew. Rejoice, for the great purge is upon you. Witness the birth of a dystopian nightmare as the Dracula saga from the demented mind of Rich Davis continues!

About Rise of Dracula:

In "Rise of Dracula," the story continues as the remnants of the Ordo Dracul, now led by the enigmatic Robert Renfield, rise to power. With Mina Murray and Special Agent Malcolm Bram still reeling from the revelations uncovered in "Cult of Dracula," a new wave of horror begins. This series explores the aftermath of the cult's dark rituals, revealing deeper secrets and more sinister forces at play. Rich Davis crafts a tale that is as compelling as it is horrifying, pulling readers into a world where the line between good and evil is blurred.

Key Features:

  • Floppy Comic Book: Classic, collectible format.
  • Cover Art: Stunning artwork by Keyla Valerio.
  • Story Inside: The captivating narrative of "Rise of Dracula" written by Rich Davis.
  • Interior Art: Beautifully inked by Puis Calzada, colored by Alex Zief, and lettered by Dave Lentz.
  • Limited Edition: Only 100 copies available worldwide, making it a true collector’s item.

For those seeking the highest level of certification, CGC Grading is available in the add-ons below.

Don’t miss out on this unique and haunting piece of horror history.

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