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Rich Davis

Cult of Dracula Print #1 Virgin by Les Garner

Cult of Dracula Print #1 Virgin by Les Garner

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Introducing the exclusive "Cult of Dracula" 11x17 special edition print, featuring stunning artwork by Les Garner artist. This limited edition print is a must-have for fans and collectors alike, with only 100 pieces available worldwide. Each print captures the dark and evocative essence of "Cult of Dracula," a series that has redefined horror for a modern audience.

Key Features:

  • Limited Edition: Only 100 prints available worldwide.
  • Size: 11x17 inches, perfect for display.
  • Artwork: Created by the talented Les Garner artist.
  • Special Edition: A unique collector’s item for fans of "Cult of Dracula" and horror art.
  • Exclusive: Available exclusively through Rich Davis, each print embodies the haunting allure of the series.

About Cult of Dracula:

"Cult of Dracula" is the brainchild of acclaimed horror writer and creator Rich Davis. This series dives deep into the macabre, weaving a tale of horror that blends witchcraft, mystery, and suspense. The story follows Special Agent Malcolm Bram as he investigates the "Cult of Dracula Mass Suicides" at the House of the Rising Sun, home to the secretive Ordo Dracul. Through interviews with the enigmatic cult leader Robert Renfield, documentary filmmaker Mina Murray uncovers chilling truths that intertwine with the sinister legend of Dracula.

About the Author and Creator:

Rich Davis has quickly emerged as a prominent voice in horror comics. Known for his unique explorations of classic horror themes and quippy dialogue, Davis has captivated audiences with his innovative storytelling. His debut comic, "Cult of Dracula," became a best-seller and an award-nominated hit, followed by equally successful works like "Rise of Dracula" and "Prometheus in Chains." Davis's eclectic background, from theater to presidential campaigns to Netflix stardom, shapes his distinctive narrative style, making him a standout figure in the horror genre.

Don't miss out on owning this unique piece of horror history. Secure your "Cult of Dracula" special edition print today!

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