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Caleb Ady

Wolverine vs. The Hand Print

Wolverine vs. The Hand Print

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Dive into the action-packed world of Marvel with Caleb's exclusive "Wolverine vs. The Hand" Limited Edition Print. Limited to only 50 prints worldwide, this piece captures the fierce battle between Wolverine and his notorious adversaries, The Hand, with intense detail and dynamic composition.

Celebrate the iconic Wolverine, known for his adamantium claws and unparalleled healing factor, as he confronts The Hand, a deadly ninja clan notorious for their stealth and lethal combat skills. Caleb's masterful artistry brings this epic showdown to life, showcasing Wolverine's ferocity and The Hand's cunning strategy.

Perfect for Marvel enthusiasts and collectors alike, each print is numbered for authenticity and printed on high-quality archival paper to preserve its vivid colors and intricate details. Secure your piece of Marvel history and elevate your collection with this compelling tribute to Wolverine's enduring legacy.

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